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The Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who are passionate about our mission... MORE TEXT ABOUT NON-PROFIT TYPE ETC..

You can read more about us and our work on our About page.

Below are a number of items we're trying to find funding for. Your donation can be of any size and you can choose for it to be a one time or annual donation. Your generosity will help us acquire these goods and services for our operations.


  • $5,000 - Metal bench tops for the greenhouse.

  • $1,600 - Better Greenhouse fans

  • $100 ea. - Large 65 gallon and larger pots to grow out trees to provide scion.

  • $3,500 - Pallet of 14 inch deep 4 x 4 inch pots for propagation trees in the green house.

  • $800 - Supersoil 8 bales, one for each greenhouse

  • $600 - 12’weed mat, 2 rolls

  • $6,000 - Website management

Lanai chapter

  • Ube tubers for propagation

Molokai chapter

  • $5,000 - Deer Fencing


Oahu chapter

  • Orchard Ladder $500

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