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We are Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, learning together, helping each other, and having fun in the process. We hope you’ll join us!

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers


We are dedicated to the Hawaii-grown tropical fruit community through
promotion, research, education and collaboration


Expanding and perpetuating the diversity, production and legacy of Hawaii
grown tropical fruit to its full potential.


Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers (HTFG)
is a nonprofit organization,incorporated in 1989,
with the primary purpose
of promoting the interests of any and all aspects
of tropical fruit in the State of Hawaii.


HTFG is dedicated to tropical fruit research,
education, marketing and promotion.

What We Do


Advancement of Hawaii's tropical fruit industry through research is the heart of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers. HTFG funds and participates in studies to improve cultural practices and post harvest treatments. Research recently completed includes development of value-added products from off-grade tropical fruit.


The annual International Tropical Fruit Conference each fall serves as the focal point of information dissemination and training for the industry. The far-reaching and timely topics highlight new research, industry news, and trends. Featured speakers are tropical fruit experts from around the world. Now in its fifteenth year, the popular conference also features orchard tours and demonstrations, fruit tasting, and a benefit auction.

Chapter workshops and seminars held throughout the year present important issues and informative speakers. These meetings are a great venue for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

HTFG organizes tours to international research symposiums. Past tours visited Australia and Thailand.

Members receive a subscription to Agriculture Hawaii magazine.


HTFG promotes tropical fruits and our members at trade shows, food festivals and industry events. We bring in fresh, delicious, unusual fruits for demonstrations on preparing and enjoying. It is rewarding and fun to watch the participants get excited over their new fruit discoveries.

Our West Hawaii Chapter recently introduced tropical fruit posters and cards to promote Hawaii's many tropical fruit varieties to chefs, retailers and consumers.

Commercial Grower members receive exposure through HTFG's Commercial Directory, distributed to fruit industry professionals interested in purchasing fruit, trees or value-added products.


HTFG participates in the Hawaii Farm Bureau's Commodity Advisory Group, representing the interests of the tropical fruit industry and coordinating state level efforts to benefit Hawaii agriculture.

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Our Membership

The Hawaii tropical fruit industry is growing rapidly across the state. Our membership includes people who work in many aspects of this business: small growers, commercial growers, rare fruit tree collectors, fruit tree nurseries, packers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of tropical fruit specialty products. The majority of HTFG members are in active chapters on Kauai, Molokai, East Hawaii and West Hawaii. There are many members on Maui and Oahu as well.

Our Partners

With our research grants, we work in close partnership with the University of Hawai'i, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), and with the USDA-ARS Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center (PBARC). Many of the growers are involved with the very successful USDA-ARS fruit fly program.

Gardening Tools

HTFG Officers

Ken Love

Executive Director

West Hawaii Chapter

Love Family Farms

P.O. Box 1162

Captain Cook, HI 96704

Tel: 808-323-2417

Email: ken@mycoffee.net

Mark Suiso


Oahu Chapter

Makaha Managoes

Email: suiso@aloha.net

Paul De Filippi


Maui Chapter

Mauka Vista Farms

Robert Bradford, Jr.


Maui Chapter

Umi Martin

Vice President

Kauai Chapter

Umi's Farm


Board of Directors

Brian Lievens


President, West Hawaii Chapter

Grower, Avant Gardens
Tel: 808-969-7926
Email: greenwizard@hawaii.rr.com

Erik Horn

Oahu Chapter

Deborah J. Ward

East Hawaii Chapter
Laiku Organic Fruit

Phone 808-769-2403



Barbara Anderson

Kona Chapter

Email: barbara.anderson1@gmail.com

Jordan Longman

Maui Chapter
Email: jrlongman08@gmail.com


Noe Neumann

‛Oahu Chapter
Lokoea Farms
P.O. Box 474
Hale‛iwa, Hawai‛i 96712
Email: info@lokoeafarms.com

David Whatmore

VP Kauai Chapter
PO Box 541
Kilauea, Hi. 96754
Grower: Hula Daze Farm
Email: hdfarm@gmail.com

Nat Bletter

Oahu Chapter

Madre Chocolate

Natty by Nature

Deborah J. Ward

Molokai Chapter
Kuulei Mahiai


Dr. Ted Radovich

Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Science

3190 Maile Way
St. John 102
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Phone: 808-956-7909
Email: theodore@hawaii.edu

Research Committee

Brian Lievens



President, West Hawaii Chapter

Grower, Avant Gardens
Tel: 808-969-7926
Email: greenwizard@hawaii.rr.com

Membership Committee

James M. Simpliciano


Simpli-Fresh Produce LLC
P.O. Box 12789
Lahaina, HI 96761
Email: Jsimpliciano@me.com

Web: simpli-fresh.com

Mark Suiso

Email: suiso@aloha.net

Promotions Committee

Ken Love

P.O. Box 1162
Captain Cook, HI 96704
Tel: 808-323-2417
Email: ken@mycoffee.net

Mark Suiso

Email: suiso@aloha.net

John Anderson

Email: j.anderson@mail.com

Finance Committee

Mark Suiso


Email: suiso@aloha.net

PO Box 1162

Captain Cook, HI 96704

Mail: ken@mycoffee.net
Tel: 808-323-2417

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