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Development of a Sustainable Polyculture Production and Marketing System for Exotic Tropical Fruits

The 12 Trees Project

A new project funded by the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) USDA-CSREES competitive grants program, asked Hawaii Island chefs, fruit buyers and growers to chose 12 types of fruit. Pictured below are those chosen. Fruit trees will now be planted and brought into production at a demonstration orchard at the Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative on Napoopoo Road. During the course of the three-year project, fruit from this orchard, as well as additional fruit purchased from area farmers, will be donated to the West Hawaii Community College culinary school. Culinary student chefs will develop recipes to be published at the end the project. Coop members as well as those of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit growers - West Hawaii and any other interested growers will be encouraged to plant these trees. This project will also analyze the cost of producing these fruits and analyze the potential market for them. The goals of this project are to increase profitable agricultural diversification and to develop a consistently high quality, year-around supply of tropical fruit for local markets.


12 Trees Book online


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