Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers has several different membership categories. They are:

Grower Membership is $50 per year. This membership category is for back yard growers and hobbyists whose total sales are less than $1000 per year.

General Membership is $100 per year. This membership category is for those who sell their products for over $1000 per year.

This category is for sub-divided into 1) commercial growers, 2) manufacturers and processors, and 3) packers.

These members will be listed in the HTFG commercial directory and on our website (as soon as it is up and functioning).

The higher dues level for commercial members reflects the fact that this group derives more financial benefit from the research that HTFG sponsors. New information and improved methodology will result in more fruit, higher quality fruit, and more profit for members who trade commercially. In this way, those who are growing for profit help fund the research with their dues.

Associate Membership is $75 per year and is for those in or outside the state of Hawaii and associated with the tropical fruit industry. This may be through government service, educational and research services that provide information, technical instructions and other related services, and/or supply services. Associate members are non-voting.

Specialty crop chapters are becoming more of interest.


This year a federal research grant in the amount of $204,252 was designated by Congress for Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers and the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). Being named specifically in this grant is not only a great honor, but recognition of the level of public regard and esteem our organization has attained!

Highly respected organizations can provide clear and convincing guidance to those in government at all levels. This HTFG achievement acknowledges that our organization is considered an important voice in Hawaii agriculture.

The more people who belong to HTFG, the stronger our influence can be. We hope that you will renew your membership and encourage others to join as well. We can make a difference.


Contact kenlove@htfg.org for more information Contact Mark Suiso, suiso@aloha.net for information on Hawaiian Air cargo.

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