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Thanks for attending the 2016 conference on Kauai!

Next year the conference will be in Hilo Sept 22-24, location to be announced.

Conference PowerPoints are located here.


Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Kickstarter Program launched!

The purpose is to build a community commercial kitchen in Kona so that small farmers have the option to develop and prepare value added products that can be sold in local stores. Currently this cannot be done and producers are limited to farmer's market sales. We have 29 days to raise $30,000.  for a septic system, floor & wall seals, propane tank, drop ceiling and triple sink. We already have the cooking equipment and the location approved by the Dept. of Health.

Please help us by supporting this project to improve the sustainability of small Kona farmers.


Building New Markets for Hawaiis Ultra Exotic Ethnic Tropical Fruits
Funded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture

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